Spice it up with accent colors

Some like it spicy, like me. I use my autumn accent colors for what it’s worth. I love mustard, rust, green, yellow,  orange and I can pull them off as long as they are the right hue and nuance for me. What I can’t pull off is the burgundy, cobalt blue, fuchsia, pink and most pastels among others. I need warm colors, they can be soft or deep, but they have to be warm. I can borrow some colors from spring, but never from summer or winter.


Some people say they can’t wear red, or they can’t wear green. That’s most likely wrong, they just haven’t tried on the right red or green yet. Most colors are represented in every seasonal palette, it’s just a matter of how the color has been put together, it’s about hue and chroma. Is it clear and warm, then it’s a spring color. Is it warm, but more muted and deep it’s an autumn color. Summer colors are cool and soft, while winter colors are cool and clear. Some nuances can be used by spring and summer, some by summer and winter, some by all seasons. True red for instance is neither cool or warm and is a color most of us can use. Here’s examples of green and in the different seasons. These are very typical examples. Pastel green for summer, bright and warm for spring, cool and clear for winter, warm and deep for autumn.


On my last post about the Neutrals I got a very good question from my Swedish friend Kristina. She asked If there is a way to use a black coat if you’re a summer, spring or autumn. Coats are often expensive, especially winter coats and many have invested in good quality coats. We have been lead to believe by the fashion industry, by bloggers, by influencers that black is the ultimate neutral. This has been told us the past 20 years, but oh it’s so wrong. Black only looks good on the winters and on certain deep autumns. The good news is you can still use your black quality coat if you only accessorize it with your best colors. The most important is to wear a scarf, it’s the item closest to our face that is most important to have in the right color. I have made a couple of collages to show how one black coat can be used by the different seasons.

The summer woman can use soft pastels with the black coat. Pink, baby blue. She can also go bolder, like magenta, raspberry or soft teal.
Spring women can add a fresh green scarf and use brown bag and boots. Also colors like orange, amber  and bright teal will look nice. 
This is the autumn woman’s take on the black coat. Mustard, rust, burnt orange and teal are also good colors for the accessories.
The winter woman is the only one who really suits the black coat, she can wear it without a scarf. If she want to she can add some spice, raspberry red boots for instance. Or how about spicing it up with some cobalt blue or emerald green? 

These are only suggestions, there are lots of other options in every season. What is equally important as if the color is warm or cold is also how much contrast you should have. If you have low contrast between hair, skin and eyes you will always look best with low contrast in your outfits. That is why in all color systems there are also sub categories in each season.

In Color Alliance which is the system I work with there are 4 sub categories. Light, true, vivid and contrasting. In addition there are up to 31 categories again under each sub categori. There are 124 different autumn descriptions for women for instance. This is to detailed  so I can’t find out all by myself, what I do is find the skin, hair and eye coordinates and then a computer program gives the exact description of your coloring. After this I drape my clients in the different seasonal colors to double check if the result is correct. The personal palettes are then custom made out of this information. The description of my coloring is Contrasting Panache Autumn.

It sure has developed a lot since the 80-90’s when you eiter was a summer, spring, autumn or winter.


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5 thoughts on “Spice it up with accent colors

  1. Thank you for this. All examples look so good. On the right person of course. When I got my colors ages ago there were thre sub categories for each season. And of course computer is used now! I suppose the result can be better that way. But much must depend on the analyser even now.


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